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Our Practice

We believe that our clients deserve a different kind of working relationship with their advisor and the firm.
The Jester Group’s team-oriented and stewardship-based approach to wealth management has set us apart since 1987.

Our Clients 

Our clients often come to us in transition. Some client relationships are sparked by the joy of a new relationship, a birth, an academic or professional opportunity or celebrating the end of a career. Others come to us from a difficult change—the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, a serious illness, or the plight of their elderly parents. Regardless, these changes raise questions and uncertainties about the path ahead.

Our clients’ lives tend to be filled with healthy portions of family, work, and community leaving them with little time to manage their finances. They are seeking a full-service wealth management team to guide their financial lives. Primarily we work with local academics, doctors, RTP professionals, and those affiliated with local universities. These relationships usually consist of multiple generations.

Our Wealth Management Process

Wealth Management Matrix

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